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How many of you have been so pissed off that you did something stupid in the midst of your rage? Take a moment and think about it? I’m sure we have all been there and it can include everything from swearing at the wrong time or person, throwing something, breaking something, or getting yourself kicked out of a public place. Being pissed off sucks and we do stupid crap when we are hulking out. In this post I want to talk about a  incident I was involved in.

On usual day of office , I was sitting in the chair and doing my job precautionally even newspaper headline shouted about Terroist Attack in Mumbai .The Atmosphere around the country with full of outrages and  Politicians cowarded and self –defenced statement .My mind were Already PISSED OFF .On Routinely talk with colleague ,He said the there were Two bombs whether Highly Explosive or Crude one , had been difused in the Ahmedabad just 10 mins ago .I  frightenly retorted with Questions .The Conversation are as followed:

Me : Is it true dude ?

He : Yes . I Got called from  Policeman who is my best mate

Me : I don’t believe about it as none of news sources or reporter or tweet has been updated about it .

He : The source are genuine and I know him verywell

After all the chattered done , I had confidence about the matter and I called up my family and warned about not to go around that area and described all the matter as conversation happened with my colleague . I was totally freaking out with the news roaming in the office and terrified by heart as just day before it was blast in Mumbai .

For sake of humanity and as  Twitter addicted by nature , I updated my status ====>

After updating freaking and very sensitive news about bomb threat in the city ,Many people had started shouting and abusing me as there were not a single news about it.


Most of them i never had interacted . With effect of Adrenaline in the body , I had mentioned the tweet to the Honorable CM Narendra Modi and News channel as well .


After Few Hour later , The news had been confirmed that there weren’t any Bomb threat in the city .Its all fake  and

Implausible  RUMORS  !!!








When I am Frustrated !!


Someone say  life has to move on ,someone say life have to live every moments ,someone say life is bitch !!

Now I am seriously wondering which Jerking ass to follow !!!

In spite reading many books on phycology , my mind still craving for more thoughts !! its seems that life have never end to find the right destination with right path !!


I achieved lots of destination in life span but still eagerly waiting for the moment that will gloriously satisfied my heart !! Anyway i don’t care for my mind word .its always weird and nagging !!


Sorry to all reader to distract your mind with such a boring stuff





but thats the i do when i am frustrated !!



Money Honeys


Put women and money and relationships in the same sentence and prostitution springs to mind.

Meanwhile, string men, money and relationships together and you get economic responsibility, planning and investment.

In other words, men manage money when it comes to relationships while women use relationships to manage men (and so, get money).

Well, this is the traditional assumption in any case.

But does it still hold up today?


, I am disheartened to discover similar expectations among women my own age – singles, marrieds and defactos alike. Even career girls. Even those who identified as various shades of ”feminist”.

Given the opportunities we have today – the realities we face – how can young women still leave their financial future to the man they’ll one day meet and marry?

And how can young men feel OK about shouldering the burden of money management when equality is demanded in every other aspect of relationships?

It prompted me to think about my own relationship with money, as a woman: did I, or would I come to, depend on men for financial security?

As a student of economics at university and a fierce careerist, I understand the value of the money.

And as someone who advocates the idea of romantic independence and equality, I don’t expect to meet a woman who’ll one day ”sort me out”.

Even though I have no investment strategy, own no assets and I have to work hard to talk about money without emotional attachment.

And I’m not waiting for Princess Charming either … but I find the idea of a self-funded, self-directed financial future doable, though somewhat daunting.