When I am Frustrated !!


Someone say  life has to move on ,someone say life have to live every moments ,someone say life is bitch !!

Now I am seriously wondering which Jerking ass to follow !!!

In spite reading many books on phycology , my mind still craving for more thoughts !! its seems that life have never end to find the right destination with right path !!


I achieved lots of destination in life span but still eagerly waiting for the moment that will gloriously satisfied my heart !! Anyway i don’t care for my mind word .its always weird and nagging !!


Sorry to all reader to distract your mind with such a boring stuff





but thats the i do when i am frustrated !!




About jecypatel

Working in pharma company in product management team, believe in create laugh as much as I can in this world and always ready to piss off the stupid people

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  1. Jessebhai.. That’s ok u do this whn ur frustrated.. But I’ve always marked one thing from god k j thay e sara mate j thay che.. Whatever the situation going in our life teaches us something..

  2. Juo Jessebhai,

    maru manvu che k j thay e sara mate thay che.. Bhagwan apdi pase thi kai le to same enathi saru j ape.

    and apdi life ma j pan situation hoy k j pan incident thay enathi aapan ne kaik ne kaik sikhva male.. etle bau tension nai levanu.. and mauj thi jivavanu..

    dont be sad it left, be happy that you got a chance to make it happen in your life. 🙂

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  4. Aw, don’t be frustrated. Stay positive. Life is so beautiful! Remember to live, laugh, and love! I know it’s hard when it seems like you can’t help how you feel…but just try. 🙂

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