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Money Honeys


Put women and money and relationships in the same sentence and prostitution springs to mind.

Meanwhile, string men, money and relationships together and you get economic responsibility, planning and investment.

In other words, men manage money when it comes to relationships while women use relationships to manage men (and so, get money).

Well, this is the traditional assumption in any case.

But does it still hold up today?


, I am disheartened to discover similar expectations among women my own age – singles, marrieds and defactos alike. Even career girls. Even those who identified as various shades of ”feminist”.

Given the opportunities we have today – the realities we face – how can young women still leave their financial future to the man they’ll one day meet and marry?

And how can young men feel OK about shouldering the burden of money management when equality is demanded in every other aspect of relationships?

It prompted me to think about my own relationship with money, as a woman: did I, or would I come to, depend on men for financial security?

As a student of economics at university and a fierce careerist, I understand the value of the money.

And as someone who advocates the idea of romantic independence and equality, I don’t expect to meet a woman who’ll one day ”sort me out”.

Even though I have no investment strategy, own no assets and I have to work hard to talk about money without emotional attachment.

And I’m not waiting for Princess Charming either … but I find the idea of a self-funded, self-directed financial future doable, though somewhat daunting.



Workaholic tends alcoholic


After working 1 year into evil empire  I realize today if I would born for this kind of work , then better to die early with Rest In peace Sign on grave .I always try to work hard with my passion and my knowledge which I got from school and colleges( formerly all were called educational temple )


Sure I can accomplish all the stuff that is asked of me but instead of doing it with my heart, I do it with my brain.


Most people would probably say, “It’s work…you’re supposed to use your brain right?”  True, but I’ve always wanted to do something that would also fill my heart with joy.  I’m not a robot you know.  Yes, the evil empire is very generous and money is abundant  and it’s all good and very much appreciated but…and this may sound very cliché…but I feel there’s something missing.  Perhaps some may think, “How can you say that when you earn so much already?!”  Like I said, I’m very thankful and grateful for the material blessings but I honestly would give it up if I were to do something that I know would truly make me happy.

I still get days here where it’s just nothing…and I’ll go about my day just thinking about surviving until the weekend comes (screaming “freedom!” ala Braveheart)…and then certain days will come when you just want to scream out, “Get me the  outta here!”–especially when you work too damn hard and then people still expect you to grow 10 extra arms so that you can cater to all their other insignificant / personal needs.  I know my friend and I always joke that we’re just “slaves”  but it’s not really funny when you’re living it.

I don’t have any solutions yet.  All I know is that I should be wise with  my earnings now.


Any bright ideas?